The Art of Getting What You Need

Dr. Karen S. Walch, Stephan M. Mardyks and Joerg Schmitz

with foreword by Michael Wheeler, Professor
Harvard Business School

For most of us the idea of participating in a negotiation provokes anxiety, if not downright panic. That's because we have been conditioned to believe that every negotiation is a potentially ego-shattering exercise fraught with distrust, confrontation, and the risk of personal and professional disaster. This isn't helped by the fact that most books on the subject, while they claim to be about achieving win-win outcomes, address negotiation as a form of warfare requiring strategies and tactics for vanquishing your opponent. But it doesn't have to be that way. As the authors vividly demonstrate in this important new book, the most successful negotiators don't rely on control strategies and manipulative tactics.

At the heart of the revolutionary Quantum Negotiation philosophy is the conviction that, just as quantum physics has revealed the interconnectedness of all matter at the subatomic level, those on either side of the negotiating relationship are not separate and isolated, but, rather, interdependent. While this idea may seem counterintuitive at first glance, as you look deeper into it within the context of negotiations and leadership—from the small, day-to-day give-and-take of working in teams to multi-billion-dollar business deals—you'll see that it provides powerful insights into what you, and all people, need and expects, and how best to get it.

Drawing on recent findings in the neurosciences, cognitive psychology, political science, and anthropology, among other fields, the authors develop the Quantum Negotiation model and practice which captures who we are as negotiators in the context of our social conditioning. Using realistic scenarios, along with several real-life cases of some of the world's great dealmakers, the authors show how Quantum Negotiators—men and women with a strong sense of self and social identity and who are firmly anchored to their own values—possess the curiosity, resilience and intelligence needed to understand others' interests and points of view and know how to leverage that understanding to bring every negotiation to a mutually satisfying conclusion.

Praise for Quantum Negotiation

"Quantum Negotiation is a phenomenal book offering a new, transformative lens through which to view the negotiation process. Not only does the book provide the framework and principles needed to create a better way for all parties involved, it also demonstrates an interdependent approach that is deeply insightful while simultaneously being intensely practical. Written by three seasoned negotiation experts—Walch, Mardyks, and Schmitz—this cutting-edge work leaves other negotiation books in its wake!"
Stephen M. R. Covey, The New York Times and # 1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author of The Speed of Trust, and coauthor of Smart Trust

"Their work has made a significant difference in our business. When it comes to negotiation techniques there are many books and courses that I have seen, but this fresh approach is unique in that it engages customers at a different level. The concept is easy to absorb, the structure clear, logical, and effective. There is a lot of thought, insight, and expertise in this book."
Ron Germack, Executive Vice President, Allegis Group

"Quantum Negotiation is a distinctive piece of work. The diversity and wisdom of the authors shine through. It is an evolutionary step forward for negotiation that handles the complexities of today's current reality (fast paced, hyper-transparency, global, and multi-stakeholder environments). What I appreciate most about this work is how it breaks negotiation down into an art form that can be practiced within, and outside of, traditional negotiation settings. Like a master craftsman harnessing the potential of raw materials, Quantum Negotiation illuminates how to create the conditions to blend negotiation energy into outcomes that move beyond self-interest to creative solutions that were unknowable at the start."
Mike Williams, Senior Director at Zappos.com; Board of Directors at Association for Talent Development (td.org); Founder of enPractice.com

"The aftermath of the Great Recession has yielded a prolonged period of time where companies have ceased adjudicating disputes at the pre-recession levels—and the trend has continued. This, in turn, has led to a higher value being placed in companies (and on their professional service providers) on negotiating and compromising skills—a trend that has developed globally. In this setting, Quantum Negotiation provides the types of insights and development strategies that help propel executives and service providers to higher impact status and catapult one's career and is truly a door-opener."
Michael E. Santa Maria, Principal and North American Chair of International Commercial Transactions, Baker & McKenzie, LLP

"The time has come for Quantum Negotiation! This book is a must for anchoring our best emotional, social, and spiritual selves for negotiating value in today's often chaotic world."
Dr. Eileen Borris, Political Psychologist and bestselling author of Finding Forgiveness

"While most professionals are data-driven and results-based, our authors open a new and broader focus in the drive to succeed. Quantum leaders add a series of 'Self' components based on both intra-personal-awareness AND deeper inter-personal relationships. This is a must read for high-achievers who strive for excellence."
Dr. Joseph Currier, Founder and CEO of the Currier Consulting Group and author of Connect the Dots10 Leadership Contracts: Key Strategies to Build Power Teams,and Excuses...Excuses: Why Aren't You Healthier and More Effective?