The Power of Quantum Negotiation for Leaders

A new approach built on insights from social neuroscience, human interaction dynamics and cultural conditioning.

Negotiation competency is an increasingly critical skill in our interconnected, multi-cultural fast-paced world. Negotiation is at the core of a wide variety of leadership roles:


  • Establishing and implementing shared vision and strategy
  • Aligning budgets and resource allocations
  • Leading cultural transformation
  • Developing inclusiveness
  • Transitioning across geographies and cultural contexts


Our exclusive assessment technique reveals your Negotiation Profile and sets your anchor for the art of style shifting embedded in the Quantum Negotiation approach.



Our executive coaching and private engagements are highly confidential and start with a conversation with one of our executive partners.

Each program is customized to the executive’s development objectives using a multi-dimensional learning approach that allows for flexibility. Based on this comprehensive review, we prepare an individualized development plan and methodology that fits the learning style and schedule of the executive. This plan includes details on the recommended team of advisors and development technique.

Our programs draw from a variety of techniques including embedded simulations, shadow coaching, touch-point sessions and topical briefings. 

To learn more, contact Stephan Mardyks or David Covey.

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