Quantum negotiation is an innovative multi-layered approach built upon the latest insights from social neuroscience, human interaction dynamics and cultural conditioning. It is very valuable for anyone in business development and professional services. The mind-set and skills of Quantum Negotiation help deepen client relationships and amplify client loyalty and commitment. Quantum negotiation is also key to boosting high-performance.  

Mastery of Quantum Negotiation will:

  • Develop and implement a winning client relationship strategy
  • Advance and leverage client and stakeholder insight
  • Align stakeholders to common client service objectives and standards
  • Build a high performing engagement team

Our course architecture is modular in nature and highly tailorable per need and/or industry specific.

Quantum Negotiation is a totally new skill-set arsenal. Is your team fully equipped?

To learn more, contact Stephan Mardyks or David Covey.

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Founder & Co-Creator

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David Covey

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